Month: March 2020

Homistic Wellness?

Wellness became a word in 2019. Just kidding, it’s been around since 1650, apparently, it just took off in 2019. The trend has expanded well beyond green smoothies and barre class to whole homes, with buyers looking to create spaces that also promote health and wellness. According to the Berkshire Hathaway Luxury Report, buyers are …

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March Musings

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Don’t Call Me a Millenial

Dear friends who hate being called millenials, shall we call you friends in your mid-late 30s?  Eighties-babies? We called ourselves “mid-30s” till 39 and 364 days, for the record. We’re wondering if you’ve toured Kaka’ako lately? Your friend’s 30th birthday pub-crawl doesn’t count. We’ve placed clients in the full range of Kaka’ako properties, from first-time …

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