HNL Neighborhoods – Wailupe

Wailupe is a small, quiet East Oahu neighborhood just a few miles from Kahala and a short drive to downtown Honolulu. It was once a 41-acre fishpond called Loko Nui o Wailupe with a 2,500 foot perimeter wall and four gates. The fishpond was damaged in 1946 by a tsunami and the Hind family, owners of the ahupua’a, sold the fishpond to Lowell Dillingham. Dillingham was the owner of Hawaiian Dredging, and not surprisingly, he liked to dredge things. In 1948, he dredged a channel around the fishpond and used the material to fill the pond to build a new neighborhood. A narrow lip of reef was left around the seawalls, and the 12-20 foot-deep channel connects to the ocean so that boats can be brought in and anchored behind the homes. Oceanfront homes have piers that extend over the reef, access to great surf, and beautiful views.

There are 32 waterfront homes at Wailupe, and they rarely come up for sale. When they do, there’s often a bidding war. On average, three homes sell per year in the neighborhood. In recent years we’ve seen a big jump in popularity, with an oceanfront fixer selling for $6.2 million in 2017 and another selling privately for the same amount in late 2019. Non-oceanfront sales have ranged from $1.5 million to $3.9 million in recent years. Contact us for a neighborhood tour.