Exchanging isn’t just for bad gifts

We were 12 when we started exchanging gifts from distant relatives, you know, childish dolls sent for birthdays when we were clearly in dire need of Esprit bags, scrunchies and hoop earrings. And we were thirty-something when we dove into real estate exchanges, helping ensure our clients make the most of their real estate investments.

Most investors know that avoiding capital gains taxes are the first reason to consider a 1031 exchange, however, Julie Bratton of Old Republic Exchange Company recently shared seven more reasons to exchange with us.

  1. Replace non-income producing property with one that makes you some money.
  2. Diversification of investments, especially for estate-planning purposes.
  3. Simplifying life: replacing time-intensive properties with those that are easy to manage.
  4. Exchanging to a property that can support your primary business – i.e. manufacturing space.
  5. Replacing a fully-depreciated property with one that’s got more depreciation to give.
  6. Relocation of your business.
  7. Relocation of a property to something closer to home and thus, easier to manage.

Ready to make an investment change? Email us. Have specific questions about 1031 tax-deferred exchange rules? Reach out to Julie, vice president, Old Republic Exchange Company at jbratton@oldrepublicexchange.com 808-524-6737.